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Anne Hathaway Circling ‘Song One,’ from Producer Jonathan Demme

Written by on May 30, 2012 

Any which way you shake it, a one-two punch of The Dark Knight Rises and Tom Hooper‘s Les Miserables make these next six or seven months the biggest of Anne Hathaway‘s career. It’s, therefore, ever-so-appropriate that she’d go smaller when following up those two epics, since Variety reports she’s begun to circle an independent romantic drama, Song One.

If you want to see it, take some comfort when I tell you the odds of her joining aren’t too bad; though “[s]everal elements would have to fall into place,” any pending projects on her schedule haven’t actually set a shooting start. (Song One would, regardless, also have to do this, but that counts for something.) If all the proper deals go through, she’ll also produce with her fiancé, Adam Shulman, along with Marc Platt & Jonathan Demme (Rachel Getting Married).

And, in making her film debut, writer-director Kate Barker-Froyland has crafted a story which centers on a woman (Hathaway) making her way back home after an injury is sustained by her brother. While there, she meets and connects with his favorite musician, who looks at the pair of siblings and uses them for his own inspiration.

It might sound a smidge too familiar — be it the return home or, for me, the relationship with a musician, which feels painfully redundant by this point — but I wouldn’t mind getting Hathaway into another part that’s more likely to let the actress take advantage of her considerable talent. (And I say this as someone who would eat a living dog to see The Dark Knight Rises this second.) If it isn’t too much to ask, maybe she can even carry over the pipes being utilized on Les Miserables.

Is Song One a good way of following up two prolific studio films for Hathaway?

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