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Angelina Jolie Wanted for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Directorial Duties

Written by on June 7, 2012 

No, we’re not about to source The Onion. A little rumor is flying around, one which purports that (somehow, someway) Angelina Jolie could direct Universal and Focus’ adaptation of smut bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe this says it all: Deadline‘s more-ambiguous-than-the-ending-of-ASeriousMan report alleges they’ve “heard rumors about the possibility of Angelina Jolie having a conversation or two about directing it.” Heard rumors. About the possibility. Of a conversation.

Some recent “buzz” — and a note that the right people want her involved — notwithstanding, those with a keenness to see these two parties converge best keep their hopes in check. (Not just because Jolie‘s busy with Maleficent and has another directorial possibility lined up.) I suppose part of me — let’s not consult him on most matters — is semi-curious to see what this could bring about, which, in itself, stems from some good things I’ve heard about last year’s In the Land of Blood and Honey. Well-shot garbage is still garbage, but it should be more bearable to sit through.

Those who’ve been lucky enough to tune out the talk might still want to know how E.L. James‘ book shakes out. In that case: A young woman, Anastasia Steele, enters into a lustful, bondage-filled relationship with a late-20s businessman, Christian Grey, who carries (and acts out on) some personal scars of his own. This warrants an entire trilogy of books, and the two companies would sure like to, excuse the phrase, take these exploits all the way; considering the massive sales numbers on all three, the world’s most famous woman might not even be needed.

Is there any possibility that Jolie would adapt this material? Would you want her to?

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