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Anchorman 2: The Fans Strike Back

Written by on September 9, 2010 

Don’t be completely doubtful for an Anchorman sequel, but at the same time you shouldn’t hold your breath for it. Instead, stay in limbo but keep complaining as your voice may lead to major sway.

Collider asked the director Adam McKay if ‘Anchorman’s studio, Paramount, heard all the tweets the fans posted in response to his declaration of the studio passing it. His response was surprising.

It did, it made a difference. Paramount heard it. Adam Goodman, the President of Paramount, was on the first one so he loves it and when that outcry came, he was kind of excited because he knew it could maybe push it towards happening. That having been said, I’m clearly going into it like another movie so if it does happen it’s still two years away or a ways away. And I haven’t talked to anyone. There’s nothing happening right now but it helped, it helped.

This is big news for anyone who wants to see Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy and the rest of his news crew take on late breaking headlines in the most ridiculous ways possible. But like I said, don’t hold your breath. I don’t think anybody’s lungs can hold oxygen for two years.

He was also asked about the possibility for a The Other Guys sequel. His response was more or less the same as ‘Anchorman’:

With comedies, you never know how they’ve done until about a year after they come out. Like Step Brothers came out and did really good at the box office but then it was in DVD and cable viewings that it kind of got a following and Anchorman was the same way. So I’m a big fan of ‘Let’s wait and see how it sits there and what people think of it in the long term. Do they go back and watch it over again? Are they quoting scenes?’ So we’ll see how it goes.

So we all have to wait and see what will happen with these movies. Until then, keep speaking your voice. apparently, and unusually, it’s working.

Do you want to see an Anchorman sequel or a different original Ferrell comedy?

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