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‘Anchorman 2’ Will Include Musical Numbers; Film Expected to Start Production This March

Written by on November 12, 2012 

When Anchorman 2 was announced back in March, this writer said, if you’ll allow a bit of self-quoting, “I hope they stick with their initial plan to make this a musical. Really, really hope.” It was nothing but a pipe dream, and even an off-handed mention as those sorts of things go — i.e., I didn’t expect it to happen.

Yet here we are.

When speaking to ThePlaylist, co-writer and director Adam McKay revealed that his long-awaited sequel — apparently, a story of the 24-hour, all-encompassing media news cycle — will include musical numbers, a few of which are already composed and will even be heard in a live capacity. This is a step up from the original’s implementation of “Afternoon Delight,” though, as this should require Ron and the Channel 4 Evening News crew to move around a bit. It’s a decision, the helmer admits, that could see his players “get winded.” Knowing the elasticity Will Ferrell carries as a performer, however, there’s little cause for concern. (David Koechner might be a different story.)

But McKay should have more than just his typical (albeit very strong) assembly for Anchorman 2, as there’s an ambition to have “a murderer’s row of the best day players ever.” What he means, really, is that every person who delivers a line — literally, “every single one-line or three-line role” — will not only be recognizable at first glance, but also leave some kind of positive impression while they’re at it. (The great Rob Huebel came up, for some idea.) Here’s hoping they keep Seth Rogen to his four-second appearance, if only for a good laugh.

When we get to see that remains an unanswered question. Although the film may still be on track for a 2013 release, everyone would have to cut it a bit close to make that. During a (different) interview with ThePlaylist, producer Judd Apatow said McKay and company won’t begin shooting their sequel until March — a date that doesn’t rule out next year, but certainly makes it harder to nail down. Nevertheless, film of this sort probably has a loose feeling to begin with, where most of the work comes in editing through the morass of off-the-cuff humor and making something coherent. A different task, if not a harder one.

So, no, it’s not impossible that Anchorman 2 will hit in 2013. We can dream.

Does this round of news have you salivating even further for more time with Ron Burgundy?

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