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Alejandro González Iñárritu Continuing Reign of Terror with WB-Backed ‘Jungle Book’

Written by on December 4, 2013 

I don’t wish to live in a world that fosters competing adaptations of The Jungle Book — thanks, copyright system that brings multiple Snow White films! — and that’s to say nothing of the hands either iteration will likely fall into. In a development that befits one of his exercises in human misery, word arrives that Alejandro González Iñárritu has begun circling a new, live-action, WB-backed take on Rudyard Kipling‘s text, this version possibly (though not definitively) differentiating itself from another in-development iteration — helmed by Jon Favreau; Disney are distributing — by landing “more on the adult side.” However one can convincingly render this material “adult,” I don’t know; perhaps there’s something to extract from the Babel screenplay and rework for tropical weather? [Variety]

Harry Potter scribe Steve Kloves will produce for the studio, while Callie Kloves — in what will likely be her first major project — is taking credit for the screenplay. Despite my cynicism about the prospect, it’s a shame that nothing else has been stated; for as much as I may consider Iñárritu‘s art intellectually / aesthetically bankrupt and morally reprehensible, this aversion can’t help but fuel curiosity, a sense heightened by him angling toward any studio project of this size. Between this and the star-packed Birdman, it would, however briefly, seem as if he’s lightening up a bit — to what end, however, remains unknown.

What do you think of Iñárritu handling The Jungle Book? Does anything about this pairing of material and helmer make sense?

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