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Adrian Grenier, Mark Webber, Ben McKenzie, Kid Cudi, and Others Complete ‘Goodbye World’

Written by on August 21, 2012 

Just as we hear Mark Webber is getting a lead, we also hear he’s finished another. Variety tells us the Scott Pilgrim star, Adrian Grenier, Ben McKenzie (The OC), Scott Mescudi (or Kid Cudi), Caroline Dhavernas (Devil), Gaby Hoffmann (Life During Wartime), and Kerry Bishé (Red State) recently shot Goodbye World, an apocalypse comedy directed by Denis Hennelly.

Consider it a more noble spin on Seth Rogen‘s The End of the World, as this centers on some old college pals who decide to converge upon a small town in Northern California while everything else goes to hell. (No James Franco, folks.) Hennelly illustrated his intentinos by saying he and the co-writer, Sarah Adina Smith, were looking to make a picture “about that moment we don’t usually see — the part of the story that happens between the cataclysmic event and the trials of survival that come with the new world.” Lying at the heart of it is a question of America’s abiliity to maintain itself during tought times. (I smell an allegory!)

Placed in the middle of Goodbye World are Grenier and Bishé, who play a couple hosting the friends: A convicted activist (Webber), a computer hacker (Mescudi), “a disgraced yet idealistic Washington, D.C., insider (Hoffmann),” and two estranged members (Dhavernas and McKenzie). It’s not the sort of assembly I’d ever think of, to be honest, but that’s all for the best; it should keep things interesting.

Picturesque Films have produced Goodbye World, though no release date or word of distributor is currently available.

What appeal lies in Goodbye World at the moment?

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