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Adam Sandler Buys ‘Heroes for My Son’; Will Smith Producing Remake of ‘Ghost Graduation’

Written by on May 7, 2012 

Actors are taking some producing credits these days. First up, EW is reporting that Adam Sandler‘s production company, Happy Madison, have taken up the rights to Brad Meltzer‘s non-fiction book Heroes for My Son. The material doesn’t sound as though it has the makings of a real film — putting it right in Sandler‘s wheelhouse — since it’s an exploration of both extraordinary people and “the inspiring, behind-the-scenes stories of the moment that made them great.”

Should the author be taken at his word, the team at hand has concocted something special, something he also “can’t ruin,” and the kind of story that could allow Sandler to bring out the dramatic side once more. Not that his movies are funny to begin with (too easy), but a return to the days of Punch-Drunk Love, sans sociopathic behavior, would be welcome from myself.

More interesting, however, is Meltzer‘s description of his own project, which is based on the story of Terry Kniess; he was a man able to determine exact prices on The Price is Right and who, subsequently, conquered the popular game show. Seth Gordon is developing this project with the author — although it isn’t known if he’ll actually direct — and his recent clout in Hollywood should help that project get somewhere before long. Frankly, I’m already far more interested in this than Sandler‘s own endeavor.

Secondly, Variety says Will Smith has, through his Overbrook Entertainment, set up a remake of the Spanish comedy Ghost Graduation. While he doesn’t appear to be starring, the multi-hyphenate is trying to find a writer on the movie — a supposed combination of The Sixth Sense, Ghost, and The Breakfast Club — which is the story of a teacher who helps the spirits of dead high school kids (great comedic material!) tethered to their former place of education. 20th Century Fox will be distributing the film.

Do any of these films catch your attention? Is it the right stuff for Sandler or Smith to tackle?

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