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Abigail Breslin Cast as ‘The Final Girl’ In Indie Thriller

Written by on May 21, 2012 

Perhaps I’m being a little ostentatious in this declaration, but: Between this new project, The Hive, Haunter, and Ender’s Game, it would almost appear as though Abigail Breslin is situating herself squarely in the genre realm. (To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what the reasoning and/or significance behind this might even be; it’s simply an observation.) “This,” you may be wondering, would happen to be The Final Girl, an independent thriller that photographer Tyler Shields will make his directing debut on. [Deadline]

Written by Adam Prince — who worked from an idea formulated by Alejandro Seri, Steve Scarlata, and Johnny Silver — the picture revolves around a girl (Breslin) picked by “a pack of feral teenage boys […] to be the victim of their final ‘initiation.'” Although the plans would, in all likelihood, call for her death, her character turns out to not just be the final girl, but also “the wrong girl” — which I take as a sign that some revenge will be dealt out in good, bloody measure.

A bit vague, description-wise, but the image of Breslin killing a bunch of “feral teenage boys” has me a little tickled, and that should count for something. Studio City Pictures will finance The Final Girl, while Prospect Park and Nasser Entertainment are producing.

Would you want to see Breslin take part in some onscreen aggression?

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