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Abel Ferrara Considers Slate of Actresses for Gerard Depardieu-Led Drama

Written by on March 7, 2013 

Proper financing and Abel Ferrara are not two things that go together so well, but the firebrand movie brat is back on track with his next drama. First discussed in December of 2011, the picture — no matter what producers were alleging, it would seem — is based on affairs carried out by IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, an event which briefly shook international politics some seven months prior to these cinematic developments. Simply put, it sounded great: Gérard Depardieu would play the disgraced suit, Isabelle Adjani was going to appear as his wife, and Ferrara planned to use their story as a way of digging deep into the problems of modern political life. Then, of course, financial problems crept their way in, incapacitating this one for some length of time.

But fear not, those hoping for its resurrection: money has just came through, and Ferrara is getting himself back on the hunt for a lead actress. (A recent book about the affair has left Adjani feeling this project won’t have the same effect, showing confidence in her director.) So, in moving forward, LeFigaro (via ThePlaylist) report that the part if being considered for Juliette Binoche, Jodie Foster, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Béatrice Dalle. First off, it should be said that, with their bad history, Binoche is probably not going to film a movie with Depardieu, no matter the sort of relationship this married couple happen to share. Cross her off the list? Unfortunately, I think that’s necessary.

Which leaves three other choices, who ThePlaylist speculate aren’t exactly circling, so much as they’re wanted. Whoever Ferrara places into that other lead, the basic outline is sure to, at the very least, echo what was reported fifteen months ago — a story “about politics, the weakness of today’s politician, who is at the same time all-powerful and lost, miserable in his personal life.” Although it sounds as if this is actually about Strauss-Kahn, contrary to what had been said at the time, an indication was made that Bill Clinton and Bernardo Bertolucci, two fellows not always paired together, will play their own sort of influence. No matter what that means or who ends up taking part, this is one to keep eyes peeled for.

Do any of the candidates seem like especially strong choices?

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