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Aaron Sorkin Employing Bizarre Structure for Steve Jobs Film

Written by on November 15, 2012 

When all Aaron Sorkin talk revolves around how much you hate his new show that, still, you continue to watch week in and week out, some things get swept under the rug. Even a film about his friend (and semi-famous businessman), Steve Jobs, gets the shaft, though that might be due to how little’s been said thus far. You can look forward, sure, but you can’t exactly predict.

Last we heard, the writer was struggling to find “a clear idea yet for the focus of the film,” save for the desire to make something outside what this genre always leaves you expecting. (There was also talk of “an element of tension or an obstacle” upon which a picture could formulate.) Good things came to those of us who waited, for Sorkin told a conference audience that his film will, as of this moment, be set “around three 30-minute scenes all set right before three major product launches.” If you wanted bite-sized insights into his life when the first Mac (early 1984), the NeXT (throughout 1997, around the time Jobs returned), and the iPod (late 2001) all launched, this is your film. [Business Insider and Collider]

Well, not just in that particular instance. As someone who’s not salivating to see this story but, nevertheless, is fond of biopics which jettison typical forms in favor of something more radical and, in turn, insightful — see (as well as “see”) Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters and I’m Not There, for instance –the idea of a sure-to-be-high-profile film getting this treatment is altogether thrilling. (The fact that they’ll be in real-time, too, is only neater.) Now, we have to see if Sorkin is able bring some of that Social Network magic to yet another technological pioneer.

With credits, the film’s bound to be about 97 minutes in total. Close to two episodes-worth of The Newsroom, and almost sure to be more consistent.

Are you on board with the plan instituted by Sorkin?

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