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‘A Late Quartet’ Arrive on Time; ‘Not Fade Away’ Pushed Into Awards Season

Written by on August 16, 2012 

Given the massive appeal of its cast, perhaps I ought to start paying more attention to A Late Quartet. Now’s the perfect time, actually, as Variety have informed us it’ll be hitting by the end of 2012 — on November 2nd, specifically, with eOne and RKO (we live in 1937) picking the slot.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Christopher Walken, and Mark Ivanir star as a New York City string musician group trying to combat problems in their personal life — in particular, the elder member’s Parkinson’s — in order to create great music; Imogen Poots and Wallace Shawn also chip in some work.

Directing is Yaron Zilberman, who’s only made one other film — the sports documentary Watermarks — a career fact which only leaves me more confident in Quartet. Why else would all these actors come aboard unless the script was great? They’re not getting studio money here, for crying out loud.

TIFF also have a new batch of photos, which can be seen below:


The four members of a world-renowned string quartet struggle to stay together in the face of death, competing egos and insuppressible lust.

Set in iconic New York City, this is the story of four musicians, bound together by their passion for music and long years of working together. But when their patriarch Peter is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the repercussions hit the group deeper than they could imagine. First and second violinists Robert and Daniel row over first chair, Robert and violist Juliette’s marriage hits the rocks when he has an affair, and their headstrong daughter embarks on her own explosive affair – with Daniel.

As their 25th anniversary performance looms, the musicians must either find a way to overcome their troubles, and preserve their legacy – or part ways forever.

Afterward, BoxOfficeMojo tell us David Chase‘s Not Fade Away — which was recently crowned the centerpiece of this year’s New York Film Festival — will be moved from October 19th to the prime awards spot of December 21st. Paramount Vantage are doing so in a limited sense, of course, but I’d only expect it to branch out in the ensuing weeks.

James Gandolfini will reunite with his former Sopranos partner, while Brad Garrett, Bella Heathcote, Christopher McDonald, Molly Price, Lisa Lampanell, John Magaro, Jack Huston, and Will Brill fill out the lineup. The former showrunner has written and directed the film, his debut, described by the people of Lincoln Center as “a rich and tender portrait of a group of kids in 1960s New Jersey trying to capture the rock and roll dream by starting their own band. All the while, they must navigate the shifting social mores of the decade and the timeless pitfalls of suburban adolescence.”

It sounds nothing like his New Jersey mob saga, and I’m all the happier to see Chase broach new territory. Folks, I think this one could be great.

Are Quartet and Fade sure to be on your mind for the next couple of months?

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