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20th Century Fox and Scott Free Picking Up Online Series ‘Wool’

Written by on May 11, 2012 

A science fiction Fifty Shades of Grey? Sold!

Okay: Let’s not be dissuaded from that quick comparison. As a matter of fact, I’m interested to hear what about Wool managed to attract 20th Century Fox, Scott Free Productions, and Steve Zaillian’s Film Rites, as Deadline reports they’re all about to buy rights to the online series — one that, in all seriousness, sounds nothing like the steamy tale of a young girl and a successful businessman.

Instead, the Hugh Howey-written series takes place in “a dystopian future where the last inhabitants on earth band together in safe bunkers called silos.” No one can emerge from these places of solitude — at least, until “a secret is discovered that could change the course of humanity, as well as reveal its devastating past.” The post-apocalyptic environment and extended format of the series — there are about five books right now — practically screams franchise, but Fox has to get the right people in league before any such talks can even begin. (Scratch that. You know those discussions are already underway.) At least the potential for something engaging lies in the initial concept; if it brings one good movie, I’ll be pleased.

Have you read the original series? If so, does something nice lie in our future?

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