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‘The Expendables’ Sequel on the Way, Bruce Willis to Have Bigger Role

Written by on October 4, 2010 

I can say with confidence that the best part of seeing The Expendables, for me, was going to see Scott Pilgrim for a second time after the former film ended. Yes, there were some fun moments (if you don’t get even the smallest amount of enjoyment out of Jason Statham stabbing through a basketball held to a guy’s chest then I don’t want to know you), but it was ultimately a failure. However, it turns out that writer-director-star Sylvester Stallone and his cast will get to try again with a sequel, and with more Bruce Willis in store.

Just as we learn that Die Hard 5 will begin production soon, and speaking to ComingSoon (via CHUD), Willis revealed that he’ll have a bigger role in the sequel, and possibly as a villain, which Stallone mentioned in a tweet a little while back. Also stated was that anybody “who could be considered breathing” would be back, so it looks like we’ll get more Dolph Lundgren (yay…).

What were your thoughts on The Expendables, and would you like to see a sequel?

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