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‘Magic Mike’ Gets New Clip & Poster; Star Channing Tatum Confirms ‘Jupiter Ascending’; Writer Adapting ‘The Prophet’

Written by on June 1, 2012 

For most, any and all promise to be found in Magic Mike stems from its shirtless cast — it’s hard to argue with that, too — but I, on the other hand, was plenty pleased that it “looks” like a Steven Soderbergh film, right down to the yellow cinematography and oddly-angled framing. I’ve since craved a better example of how a male stripper story could fit into his overall filmography — a task that is, admittedly, a bit of a fool’s errand — but this new clip only has quick glimpses of his stylistic tendencies. The rest? Very much what everyone else is going into this movie hoping to see.

I still think it’ll prove to be really, really entertaining — don’t ask why this clip made me laugh uncontrollably — to the point where I think it could be one of this summer’s surprise hits. You can see the clip below, and the film when it opens on June 29th (via MTV):

There’s also, right above, a new image from the film, while a poster can be sighted below, both of which come from Apple:

In moving out of some scantily-clad territory, MTV took the opportunity to ask Channing Tatum about his involvement in the Wachowski siblingsJupiter Ascending, which we got a cluster of details on yesterday. When the topic came up, he had this to say:

“Yes, absolutely. It’s going to be a crazy action movie from the [directors] of ‘The Matrix.’ They’re going to reinvent the wheel as far as action goes, all over again.”

There you have it. Along with Mila Kunis and, possibly, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he’ll begin shooting Jupiter Ascending this fall.

There’s one last bit of Magic Mike-related news, with Deadline reporting that scribe Reid Carolin has been hired to write The Prophet, a Nick Wechsler-produced version of Michael Koryta‘s upcoming novel. Don’t be fooled by the screenwriter’s prior credit, though; this sounds like a tough bit of business, putting its focus on “two distant brothers in a small Ohio town whose torment over the murder of their sister in their teens is compounded when another teenaged girl is killed.” In a wave of anger, one brother begins to feel an obligation to find and punish the murderer.

The producer claims The Prophet will contain “themes of family, faith and fear, all set against the backdrop of a gripping serial killer mystery.” That logline speaks to my own storytelling interests, being a general fan of murder, so this thing’s off on the right foot.

Does this clip deliver what you’re expecting from Magic Mike? Are you happy to see Tatum in Jupiter Ascending? How does The Prophet sound?

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