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‘24’ Movie Now Eyeing Start for Next Year

Written by on March 21, 2012 

True to its torture-loving protagonist, the 24 movie simply will not die. In an act that can either be blamed on experience or naïveté, I thought it was down for the count when higher-ups made a last minute cut to the proceedings — thanks to budget and scheduling concerns, natch — and, being the apathetic party that I am, just moved on with other matters.

But here we are, with TheWrap hearing from insiders that Fox is now “trying to figure out how to do it next year.” Several things will go into this process — finding a director, for one — but the only aspect truly singled out by this source was a script rewrite. (Billy Ray wrote the original draft, which was already given a pass by Mark Bomback. Through the machine it goes once again.) Then there’s the price tag to deal with, past cast members probably need to clear their schedules, et cetera, et cetera. Just let it die and move on, Kiefer. You were so good in Melancholia.

Are you, in any way, still up for 24?

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