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Armie Hammer and Lily James to Star in Ben Wheatley’s ‘Rebecca’ Remake

One can’t go a calendar year without at least a few dozen films being labeled Hitchcockian. While some films, like Disturbia and Stoker, are more blatant in their inspiration than others, it’s no surprise the influence of the Master of Suspense is being felt in all corners of the industry. After having been developed for many […]


Watch David Lynch’s New Short Film ‘Ant Head’

David Lynch’s year of oddball contributions continues apace. Following the unearthing of a 25-year-old, generally awesome album, Thought Gang, he’s debuted a new piece / short film / visualizer / what-have-you springing from that endeavor. Titled Ant Head, it has been vividly described by the man as “a short video featuring my friends the ants along […]


PTA, Scorsese, Nolan, Cuarón, Spielberg, DiCaprio & More Fight to Keep FilmStruck Alive

Update: Sources tells Deadline that a new iteration of FilmStruck is “in the cards,” but it may not launch until late 2019, when WarnerMedia launches a new package of streaming services. With that being an entire year away, the “outcry from filmmakers” may make things move a bit faster. It remains to be seen if WarnerMedia’s […]


Stream Nicholas Britell’s Beautiful Full Score for ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’

Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk won’t hit theaters for another month or so, but you can now let some of the film’s beauty seep in thanks to the release of the official score. Reteaming after Moonlight, Nicholas Britell’s compositions for the James Baldwin adaptation make for a joyous celebration of the boundless love found at […]


‘Jupiter Ascending’ Takes Flight as New Ballet Production

With its gloriously over-the-top dialogue and otherworldly visuals, the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending certainly earned its moniker of “space opera.” What looks to be the filmmaking duo’s final feature (at least for the time being) is getting a second life on the stage, but rather than in opera form, it’s been adapted as a new ballet. […]


Watch: Jason Mantzoukas on The Rolling Stones vs. The Beatles in Exclusive Clip from ‘The Long Dumb Road’

The manic, anarchic charm of Jason Mantzoukas is on full display in The Long Dumb Road, Hannah Fidell’s latest feature, which follows his character alongside Tony Revolori’s Nat on a road trip to Los Angeles. While the comedian is usually utilized for quick bursts of energy in various comedies, Fidell gives him a genuine arc and proves […]


David Lowery to Direct Former Terrence Malick Project ‘Green Knight’

There are few up-and-coming American directors that have a better handle on tone and mood than David Lowery, who has shown his range in Pete’s Dragon, A Ghost Story, Old Man & and the Gun, and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. With his lattermost break-out earning comparisons to Terrence Malick, it’s only fitting that for his […]


David Lynch Possibly Plots Next Film as Angelo Badalamenti Collaboration ‘Thought Gang’ Arrives

It’s entirely possible we’ll never get another long-form moving-image work from David Lynch–though, if you’ll excuse my language, who the fuck knows; more on that in a second–but the artist has kept busy since Laura Palmer screamed all illumination from reality. The last few months alone brought the publication his excellent, thoroughly Lynchian memoir Room to Dream, and it was last week […]


Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Will Lead Nat Faxon and Jim Rash’s ‘Force Majeure’ Remake

While Ruben Östlund reached newfound acclaim thanks to a Palme d’Or win for The Square, it was his prior film, Force Majeure, in which he landed on our radars. A rigorously assured exploration of the responsibility found in marriage, it’s deeply funny and smartly observed, with performances that rely on acute gestures and movements to convey things some […]


Kelly Reichardt Sets ‘Certain Women’ Follow-Up with ‘First Cow’

Following up what is perhaps the best film in a stellar career, we thought Kelly Reichardt would move from Certain Women to an adaptation of Patrick DeWitt’s black comedy Undermajordomo Minor, announced a few years back. The director has, instead, gone another route, and the first details on the project have come to light just as […]