Right above these very words, you can gander at the latest photo from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey — one which features Bilbo (Martin Freeman), Bifur (William Kircher), Dwalin (Graham McTavish), Bofur (James Nesbitt), and Oin (John Callen). It’s from a very early point in the film — something like 20 pages into the book, too — and you can even see parts of it in the teaser. I like the beautiful set design, costuming, and cinematography a great deal, but, alas, it isn’t something I can formulate many more thoughts on. [Yahoo!]

Moving past that — and into something a little more substantial — EW managed to snag a couple of new details from Hobbit actress Evangeline Lilly, when it comes to both her character and some of the production’s finer details. Normally, an actor discussing their Hobbit character wouldn’t mean much — it’s only based on one of the best-selling books in human history, for God’s sake — but Lilly is in a unique position, playing a character created specifically for the film. With that being established, a sense of curiosity is fully justified.

As she revealed to the outlet, her character, Tauriel, is “a warrior [,] the head of the Elven guard [and] the big shot in the army.” If you want to know anything about her weapons — come on, you do — take heed of her comment that the “lethal and deadly” character’s main weapons are “a bow and arrow and two daggers.” Screentime-wise, don’t expect too much this year; Lilly revealed that her character is “not in the first film very much,” only coming in “near the end.” The second movie — i.e., the one that doesn’t open for almost another two years — will give her a bigger part. (An endeavor she claims to not know a good deal about, anyway.) That’s just a little unfortunate — but I can wait.

(Although Lilly claims to not know anything about the book’s climactic Battle of the Five Armies, a mention in the Yahoo! article that she would be “fighting orcs” indicates that her character could be in it. I get beat up a lot.)

In terms of production, then, you might not be shocked to hear that The Hobbit is taking a good deal of time to get completed; Lilly has been filming “on and off for the past six months,” but she still has “five more months of filming.” With Peter Jackson saying that he has production going until July — well, that sounds about right. Still, when you’ve been shooting since March: holy crap.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens on December 14th; The Hobbit: There and Back Again opens on December 13th, 2013.

Does this new photo increase your Hobbit anticipation in any way? Do Lilly’s comments make her character sound interesting?

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