With the release just under a month from now, Warner Brothers is now beginning to try and really get the word out about Christopher Nolan‘s Inception. The latest advertising comes to us in the form of viral marketing. More specifically, we’re now seeing posters on city streets advertising the website that’s apparently connected to the viral marketing of the movie. The poster can be seen below, along with some information on the sites currently out there relating to the movie and its marketing.

The poster, pictured below, is an advertisement for the site with a QR code on the poster that when decoded, leads to said website (according to ScreenRant).

In addition to this poster, there are also new websites that are cropping up that are what appear to be viral marketing for Inception. These include PASIV Device Instruction Manual, What Is Dream Share?, and the oldest of the three, Mind Crime, which is a game that’s been around for a while now (you’ll get bored of it within five mintues). In addition, linked on the Dream Share site is an article at Wired that has pictures of a manual that was sent out that appears to be a multiple page diagram of how the system of entering dreams in the movie works. It’s pretty interesting to look at and is also careful enough to not reveal an big spoilers. Of all the marketing materials, that’s definitely the one I find the most interesting.

What do you think of the viral marketing for Inception so far?

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