I’ve got a slight feeling Last Vegas won’t prove to be a very good film — read the synopsis and my skepticism makes sense — but, I must admit, the elderly assembly gets more interesting with each passing development. Having already acquired Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas to star — with Christopher Walken‘s name being in the rumor mill — Deadline now reports that Morgan Freeman is in talks to come aboard a film that, when all is said and done, simply requires him to be old.

In the Jon Turteltaub-directed comedy, written by Adam Brooks and Dan Fogelman, three older gentlemen travel to Sin City for a friend, who happens to be the only unmarried member of the group; that part goes to Douglas. Freeman will, in all likelihood, provide some additional comedic relief to the proceedings, but that’s just what we’d be expecting from the outset.

You might think he’s above a silly comedy, but, unlike one of his co-stars, the esteemed actor hasn’t fallen out of our favor through years and years of bad roles — despite making bad films in that time — so it’s casting I can read about without cringing or sighing. With any luck, Last Vegas will prevent such reactions, too.

Are you interested in seeing Freeman embrace his comedic side a little more?

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