It’s so rare to see Michelle Williams venture toward work that’s outright mainstream, save for a semi-recent enterprise like Shutter Island — which is still an excellent film in its own right. It’s that sort of commitment to, save for something here or there, great performances in solid projects which makes her one-of-a-kind in today’s modern cinematic landscape. Can you tell I’m interested in whatever the actress does next?

Williams is sticking to her indie roots with a next project, Suite Francaise, which Variety describes as a World War II drama which Saul Dibb (The Duchess) has written and will direct for producers David Parfitt and Mark Cooper (My Week with Marilyn). The actress will be starring as Lucille Angellier, a “spirited” French woman who finds herself romantically attracted to a German officer working in her occupied nation and, more specifically, taking up space in her home. Although married, Lucille’s relationship with her husband has never been truly dynamic; she’s only left with a “domineering mother-in-law” and the piano for comfort. Turns out the German’s a composer.

We have sort of a basic rundown, so make up your mind about that description as is fit. I’m keen on what’s there, though, being a fan of both Williams and a good World War II story — something this appears to be providing in good doses. Find a strapping young German lad to hold his own against the onscreen force that she can provide, and Suite Francaise might be on its way to something good.

Have you been compelled by Suite, simply on account of what you’re reading here?

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