Two major forces of independent cinema are rumored to be coming together, as Vulture reports that Michael Fassbender has started talks to help lead Jane Got a Gun, the revisionist western which Lynne Ramsay (most recently of We Need to Talk About Kevin) will direct next; Natalie Portman is already inked to headline.

Brian Duffield‘s Black List script centers on a woman, Jane (Portman), who contacts an estranged ex-lover after her husband’s been viciously attacked by his old gang. The two of them come together and fight these “criminal confederates,” with he teaching Jane in the ways of weapons handling and the art of personal defense — a mentor and protégé relationship, even.

Fassbender is an awfully busy and much-pursued guy — he’s shooting The Counselor right now, while X-Men: Days of Future Past, Prometheus 2, and The Mountain Between Us either guaranteed or likely — so, though you might doubt the possibilities of this convergence, Vulture say the talks are going smoothly. Considering the guy is probably my favorite working actor and I have a true respect for Ramsay‘s output, it goes without saying that I couldn’t be more pleased.

Jane Got a Gun is expected to start filming in early 2013.

Are you liking the three-way combination of stars and director on Jane?

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