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File this one under news I find too bizarre to not acknowledge, at least briefly: Michael Bay has been circling the Benghazi-centered 13 Hours, with a script from Chuck Hogan (The Town) and backing from Paramount Pictures. Unfortunately, the hopes for something really crazy should be dashed by notices that its source material, Mitchell Zuckoff‘s Thirteen Hours: A Firsthand Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi, is largely a non-political affair, abandoning D.C. politics in favor of an extended firefight between well-armed forces — the sort of true story Bay probably considers valuable material. Early comparisons to Black Hawk Down and his own The Rock are more telling, as is the notice that we probably won’t get “another big-budget tentpole.” [Variety]

The #Bayghazi hashtag will still be fun for a little while longer, regardless.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.05.04 PMFurther down the ladder of political thrillers, Variety have also learned Paul Greengrass is preparing The Tunnels, a period piece concerning West Germans attempting to escape from behind the Berlin Wall. (The curious aspect of this story: it all happened “with the unlikely help of American news networks, who funded their expedition.”) What one wonders, if one is even inclined to wonder about this thing, is how the director’s busy schedule is now affected. Bourne 5? Agent Storm? DiCaprioHill? The results remain to be seen.

FilmNation are supporting the project, which is taken from a book proposal by Greg Mitchell.

The final bit of news comes from THR. As it goes, The Signal helmer Will Eubank has found his next project in World Breaker. The Braveheart cues are evident enough in its logline, which tells of “a mythical Scottish warlord and his sons withstanding a massive castle siege launched by the ruthless commander of an invading army,” but there’s something of a 300 touch to it, apparently.

Whatever Eubank and Philip Gawthorne cooked up has earned sufficient interest: Universal and Fox wanted a bit of the action, but Warner Bros. have since acquired rights to the material. I sincerely hope it’s more appealing than that two-film combination already suggests.

Do any of the films noted above spark your interest?

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