Variety tells us that The Thing‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul will lead Smashed, a drama set to be directed by James Ponsoldt. Written by him and Susan Burke, the story follows the two as a husband and wife “whose bond is built on a mutual love of alcohol.” When Winstead‘s character takes it upon herself to quit drinking, things are “put to the test” for the duo. There’s said to be a similarity with Days of Wine and Roses, which was most notably told in 1962 by director Blake Edwards and screenwriter JP Edwards, the latter of whom wrote the original story.

Also appearing are Nick Offerman and The Help actress Octavia Spencer; he has the part of “an assistant principal at the elementary school where the protag teaches,” while she’ll play “Winstead’s close friend and AA sponsor.” The independent production is being handled at Super Crispy Entertainment; no start time for production has been mentioned.

Essentially all of Ponsoldt‘s work has been pretty small up to this point, so I can’t quite get a grasp on if he’s a good choice to handle the material. That much being said, the acting talent that’s been attracted has me thinking that there’s something good in the screenplay, and they’re enough reason to have some hope for now.

Does this sound like a compelling drama? What do you make of the cast?

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