Update: The most exciting Marvel-related news of the day (month?) comes from THR, who tell us Edgar Wright has already shot a reel of test footage for Ant-Man. Nothing too big, it seems — this was all done in less than a week — with the stuff being compiled to get a feel for its “look and tone,” along with an approximation of “how convincing Ant-[M]an’s powers look onscreen.” His next project is still The World’s End, but this being a successful run could ensure Ant-Man shooting right after — maybe even in 2012. You can read the original story below.

Black Panther might want to cool his jets for one second. To the chagrin of some — but, I suspect, joy of many more — LatinoReview reports that Marvel’s mystery 2014 movie will not be the African superhero, but a whole legion of intergalactic defenders. Or, guardians.

The real news: A previously-announced Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s non-Captain America 2014 entry — we can expect this to become official at Comic Con next month — will be both a standalone story and a “lead-in” of sorts to The Avengers 2, and boasts an “INCREDIBLE” (their capitalization) screenplay.

They suspect the plot will pit these (mostly unknown) heroes against Thanos — that guy who made a bizarre, unexplained appearance during the end credits of The Avengers — who unleashes all kinds of havoc on humanity, forcing the future fighters to go back in time to the 21st century, and…

I don’t quite get it all, to be honest, but that’s why we have the movie to enjoy. (Heck, they don’t even know who will be in this outfit.) The casual viewer (i.e., me) is just sort of glad to see Marvel make their claim in the space adventure — something Green Lantern took a swing and completely missed at — and, hopefully, get a little more ambitious than some of their past efforts. Let’s not be too optimistic in the meantime, though.

One more thing: TheGrid and BlueSkyDisney (via LatinoReview) have also learned that Disney Animation will get in the Marvel business (not that way) with Big Hero 6, an as-of-yet unconfirmed cartoon centering on the group of Japanese heroes. No script is out there, but Don Reed will be directing for a 2014 release.

The collection of heroes: Silver Samurai, who’s capable of slicing through any object; GoGo Tomago, who explodes when she utters her name; the world’s smartest boy, Hiro Takachiho; a purse-powered Honey Lemon; Fred, a monster; and Wasabi-No-Ginger, a knife-wielder who can turn “his life energy” into weapons.

It sounds weird, unique, and maybe even a little crazy; if you’re going to jump into animation, it might as well be on an experimental scale.

Do Marvel’s future plans have you in a fit of joy?

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