The cinematic energy of Martin Scorsese and the natural charisma of Bill Clinton might be too much for anything — person or documentary — to handle at once. God love the both of them, though, because that attempt will be made, and — call me crazy for saying it this early out — history indicates the result will be fantastic.

A press release announces a three-way collaboration between the two men and HBO, the network which, needless to say, we can expect to air this untitled work on in a few years’ time. (Remember that these things can’t be made in a heartbeat.) With directing duties on his shoulders, Scorsese — who is also producing with Steve Bing (Shine a Light, Marley) — will, in Clinton‘s own words, see the man “sharing my perspective on my years as president, and my work in the years since,” which includes (fairly common) charity and political campaigning; the helmer indicates as much in his own quote, highlighting his ability “to shape the political dialogue both here and around the world.” Now they only need to get down to filming what he calls “intimate conversations [which will] provide greater insight into this transcendent figure.”

(Semi-fun fact: this is, technically, not their first collaboration, since the former President and his First Lady have a quick appearance in the aforementioned Rolling Stones concert film Shine a Light.)

As a huge fan of Scorsese, film-wise, and a great admirer of Clinton‘s, speaking in terms of both his political tenure and personal image, you should understand why and how my attention’s been earned. As stated, though, we’d be better off not getting too excited for the time being; production doesn’t sound to have even begun, and I wouldn’t expect it to until The Wolf of Wall Street — a fall 2013 release — is wrapped up. In the meantime, go read his autobiography or watch a speech.

Are you in for a Scorsese-Clinton collaboration?

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