Someone you love adding their producer’s credit does not guarantee success. The list is too long to even traverse — the biggest example, though, would have to be a combination of Steven Spielberg and the past ten years — so let’s just get right down to the story: According to THR, Martin Scorsese will executive produce 60 Seconds of Us, a new drama helmed by Kurdish-Iranian filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi.

The latter revealed as much during a press conference for his newest picture, Rhino Season, on which Scorsese has decided to give his “presenter” label. The two have started to focus on the screenplay for 60 Seconds — though THR’s story leave me with the impression, for better or for worse, that Ghobadi is truly the “sole writer” here — wherein there’s an exploration of “the conflict between Iranians and Kurds.” (A multinational one, too, as the story spans from Iran to New York.)

Dealing with similar topics has made the filmmaker “persona non grata” in the typically understanding eyes of Iran’s government; credit to Scorsese, then, for getting behind a voice which could have easily been silenced. (In, sadly, more ways than one.) Production on 60 Seconds of Us should start within the next few months or so, given that Ghobadi has begun to scout locations across Iran stand-in Turkey.

Judging by what’s mentioned above, does 60 Seconds give the impression of something Scorsese should lend his name to?

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