The release of the wonderful Hugo has us in something of a Martin Scorsese overdrive this week. We’ve brought you a review of his latest film and two features on it — which is not even counting news that he would direct an adaptation of Jo Nesbo‘s mystery novel, The Snowman. That lattermost bit is rather significant since, now that he has something else out in theaters, it’s time for him to move on to whatever might be next. To me, that’s basically as exciting.

And of all the projects Scorsese has been cooking up, the one I’m most desperate to see is probably The Irishman, a mob film that would star a dream cast of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, and Al Pacino. As a result, it’s been a little unfortunate that talk of the possible epic has been drowned out by the noise of so many other developments for the filmmaker. There’s almost nobody I’d rather talk about than him, but a piqued interest is, almost by definition, something that requires quite a bit to be overcome, and not much else has managed to do that when it comes to him.

Then you can imagine that I’m filled with joy to hear Scorsese comment to MTV that he hopes to get The Irishman made “in the next year or so.” What will seem like small words to some is a great relief to myself; I only hope he can cool down a bit on the whole attaching himself to projects phase and get this out when he hopes to.

Scorsese also filled us in on a project that’s had an even quieter development, Sinatra. The last news on this film’s front came in March when Scott Rudin signed on as producer, which is a good step — but not enough when nothing else has been made public for the better part of a year. His most recent comments, almost as if he were making up for lost time, are quite a handful.

First, Scorsese confirmed what everyone sort of knew: He wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play Frank Sinatra. Now, I’ve loved almost everything they’ve worked on together, so I won’t object. Some might, but that’s their choice. Otherwise, it was noted that Phil Alden Robinson‘s script is being jettisoned in favor of a new one — they’re “staring again with a new script,” a process that will begin “in January or February.” He couldn’t say who’s actually doing the new screenplay, so I’m thinking the Sum of All Fears helmer is out of the picture.

The bigger question is now what they’ll do with the music. Scorsese‘s “first instinct” is to use the original recordings instead of having DiCaprio lip synch, since there’s “no one that can [sing in his place],” simply because “you wouldn’t accept it.” The challenge is then shooting it in a way where it isn’t obvious — where “you know it isn’t him up there, at that moment,” while still being “interesting narratively, you buy whatever’s happening there.” I think he’s got the talent to pull it off.

How about 3D? As he said, “Why not? Open your minds.” He isn’t joking, by the way.

Watch the full video below:

Are you happy to hear that The Irishman is still planned? What are your thoughts on his Sinatra film?

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