Update: According to Deadline, a summer 2014 shoot is still in the cards with the more precise date of July 2014 in Taiwan and funding coming from Emmett/Furla Films. Check out the original story below.

Another year, another set of promises that Martin Scorsese will direct Silence and The Irishman — this time, paired together!

Excuse the facetiousness of my candor, because I do love Marty with all my heart, and it’s only with great happiness that I report on any new film of his. Right as The Wolf of Wall Street gets cut together for a fall release, the next couple of years are being scoped out with those two aforementioned projects right in the center. Deadline have heard, right from the Scorsese people, that Silence will be coming next; we’ve been told auditions are currently taking place — as if they’re trying to give signals that Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio Del Toro are gone; I’d love to be wrong — while shooting should commence in mid-2014. With all that time twixt now and “action,” you figure he could probably shoot The Irishman in-between.

But, no. Although Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino had a table read of Steven Zaillian‘s completed screenplay in recent days, and in spite of what they feel is “proper progress,” this one’s getting sidelined for the Shusaku Endo adaptation. It stands in (slight) contradiction to what we last heard about The Irishman, making one question how much longer they can really stand around as nothing goes before cameras.

Still, knowing that a script actually exists, and that these people actually have ambitions to make it… that’s as good as we’ll get for some time. Buckle up, because Martin Scorsese is keeping active into his ’70s.

What’s your reaction to Scorsese’s future plans?

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