When you combine a couple of films (one of which he directed) premiering at Sundance and this news from Variety, it’s an exciting week for Mark Webber. As they tell us, the Scott Pilgrim actor will star in and executive produce Mollie Engelhart‘s The Arranged Marriage of Moonbeam, which has been written by the helmer and Tim Ryan. Produced by Here Now Productions and Metamorphic Films, the film revolves around “Janie Grace, originally named “Moonbeam” by her hippie parents, as she lives her life as a straitlaced young lawyer.” Following several failed relationships, her “free-love, hippie family decides to arrange her marriage.”

That sounds like the kind of not unbearable indie fare Webber has been making his name in, so it’s got my attention at the moment. Additional casting, meanwhile, will be announced soon; it isn’t said who’s actually leading Marriage, though it’s at least noted that the Makepeace Brothers will appear. (I guess those are people.) A spring shoot has been scheduled.

Variety has other casting news, this of the larger type — they’re informing us that the third Riddick film (which still doesn’t seem to have a title) has thrown Nolan Funk into the mix. He’s the third actor to be mentioned in conjunction with David Twohy‘s film this month, since Katee Sackhoff and Jordi Molla entered talks just a week and a half ago. Funk is, at this point, by far the smallest name among the cast, which also includes Vin Diesel and Karl Urban; his work has mostly been in TV, though he does have in the Jennifer Lawrence-starrer House at the End of the Street, which opens in April. No matter how either turn out, that and Riddick aren’t bad ways to get your name out in the open.

Do you have any thoughts on Arranged Marriage? Is Funk a respectable choice for Riddick?

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