It was almost exactly one year ago when, losing yet another project over creative differences, Mark Romanek became a free man, albeit a still-reluctant director circling the studio system. Finally, something may have sparked his dark brain: Variety tell us he’s entered discussions regarding the job on WB’s Boston Strangler, an investigative drama charting the saga wrought by that eponymous force (often cited as Albert DeSalvo, but an identity still contended) over 18 months in the early ’60s.

Casey Affleck had been tapped for starring duties in December of 2012, at that time with the strong possibility of playing a detective on the killer’s trail. In addition to serving as executive producer, he pitched a narrative, alongside Chuck MacLean — the latter of whom will script — that’s inspired, in some way, by the work of Romanek‘s friend, David Fincher. (Se7en and Zodiac, that is; Alien³ isn’t likely to play much part.) The convergence of this director and this material (or what we know of the latter) makes more than enough sense, in all manners of aesthetics, and, speaking (selfishly) as someone who’d like to see more of his films, that’s enough for me to anticipate this more than, say, Cinderella or The Wolf Man.

Do you think Romanek and Boston Strangler have the potential to work well together?

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