We were hoping that the upcoming new adaptation of Macbeth would mark a reunion for Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman, who recently teamed for Terrence Malick‘s latest work (and almost worked together in Jane Got a Gun), but it looks like that won’t be the place. According to Variety, Portman is out for undisclosed reasons, but a worthy replacement has stepped in.

Marion Cotillard, coming off of her James Gray double hitter at Cannes with The Immigrant and Blood Ties, has been confirmed for the leading role in Justin Kurzels Snowtown follow-up. Scripted by Todd Louiso and Jacob Koskoff, this iteration will tell the classic story of a Scottish lord who comes to power and will take a “visceral” style with key battle scenes. It will not be a modern update, however, as this take is set in the original language and in the 11th century.

Production, backed by The King’s Speech and Shame producers, kicks off this January for a hopeful 2014 festival bow, alongside the actress’ turn in Dardennes‘ next project. In the meantime, one can see Cotillard stop by NYFF with The Immigrant and TIFF with Blood Ties (a reportedly shorter version) ahead of 2014 releases for both.

Are you looking forward to Cotillard and Fassbender providing a new take on Macbeth?

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