Her shot at playing Linda Lovelace probably didn’t go as planned, so it’s time for Malin Akerman to take on a classier figure — if Blondie can be considered “classy” in the first place. ShowBlitz has learned that the actress will be seen as the ’80s icon for CBGB, an account of the infamous New York City rock club and its owner, Hilly Kristal, who Alan Rickman will inhabit; his Harry Potter co-star, Rupert Grint, is expected to play Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome.

Past reports have indicated that these three will be the central figures of CBGB, and when one looks over the club’s history — in terms of performers, events, and societal significance — you get some idea of the scope director Randall Miller (Bottle Shock, Nobel Son) will be aiming for. His own, prior credits give me a bit of pause, even if Rickman likes him, but a script that encapsulates all of this and throws in some good tunes should, on the whole, be fine.

Then there’s a far more contentious biopic to be discussed. I’m referring to Joshua Michael Stern‘s Jobs, the Ashton Kutcher-starrer that will examine a thirty-year period in Steve Jobs‘ life — from his early, rebellious days to a corporate reinstatement at the start of this millennium. Casting on this one’s been a little low-key — since nearly all discussion has surrounded the lead role’s casting — with Josh Gad being the only noticeable addition; he’ll play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Now, Variety reports that Ahna O’Reilly (The Help) has come aboard in the pivotal role of Chris-Ann Brennan, who was a romantic acquaintance of Jobs during his younger days, as well as the mother of his first child. (He, famously, denied paternal connections for years, but still named the Lisa computer after their daughter during this period.) That romantic faux pas on his part should be a backbone of sorts for Jobs, so let’s hope they can handle tricky territory with ease and grace.

Are you confident in either casting choice?

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