I found myself a little surprised upon hearing that Kevin Macdonald‘s documentary, Marley — a film that we’d heard little-to-nothing about for the prior six months — was announced as part of this year’s South by Southwest. It’s good news, yes, but nonetheless unexpected, and also the kind that raises a few questions. Chief among them being, who’s distributing this thing?

Now, we have that all-important information from Variety, who report that Magnolia Pictures have acquired the documentary for release on April 20th (yeah, yeah, I know). As is the case with, well, everything the independent company releases, those unable to see Macdonald‘s latest in a theater will still have an opportunity to check it out — Marley is “launching day and date with all VOD and digital platforms.” To further stoke flames of excitement, Bob Marley‘s son, Ziggy, called the work “the ultimate revelation of my father’s life,” one which has also made his family “proud to be able to have the world finally experience this emotional journey.”

I suspect that Marley will be best suited for a theatrical setting — music documentaries can sound incredible with a theater’s surround sound system working to full capacity — but an interested, logistics-bound party (like myself) will have to settle for whatever format fits them. Isn’t it kind of appropriate that I’d watch this movie with earbuds in, anyway?

Has Marley been on your radar? Will you see it in theaters or through digital distribution?

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