Karyn Kusama‘s post-Girlfight career certainly hasn’t lived up to that inaugural outing, but the director — last seen in 2009 with Jennifer’s Body — has a couple of good options on her plate right now. Although she was recently stockpiling leads for The Rut, Deadline reports she’s starting to veer toward another project — and it’s assembling at a quick clip. This new film, entitled The Invitation, is a horror piece that, per Deadline’s word, will star Luke Wilson, Topher Grace, Zachary Quinto, and Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory); XYZ Films are producing for Celluloid Nightmare, who are selling the international rights at Cannes.

Written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (Kusama‘s Æon Flux, Clash of the Titans), The Invitation revolves around a man (Wilson) who suspects something is not only “off” about the occupants of his ex-wife’s dinner party, but that some kind of evil force has consumed them for “a mysterious and horrifying agenda.”

I’ll be honest and say the screenwriting credits of that aforementioned duo are just a hare discouraging — well, unless you think R.I.P.D. is going to be great — but, possibly against my better judgement, I’m kind of into that basic logline. Maybe it’s partially rooted in a basic desire to see a good haunted house story, or even the possible pleasure of Luke Wilson doing a decent film again; either way, this just isn’t something I can feel all too discouraged about. Shooting is scheduled to kick off this summer, so more should be coming in fairly soon.

Is this premise, cast, and director enough to leave you confident about The Invitation?

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