After his mob comedy Malavita finishes its dirty business, Luc Besson will begin working with Angelina Jolie. A pairing that’s somewhat hard to believe, I know, but Variety says they, next year, will begin shooting Valerian, a dramatic thriller previously reported to be “rooted in true scientific elements”; now, we’re hearing the film is based on a long-running, highly influential graphic novel by Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin.

The high-concept series revolves around Pierre and Laureline, a pair of time and spacetraveling agents tasked with carrying out missions that, though thrilling, sometimes go against their own morals and belief systems. Jolie‘s character — in actuality, an 11th-century French native brought to the 28th by Pierre — is described as rebellious, extremely smart, and willing to use her physical appearance as a means of getting out of bad situations. All in all, it’s not a weird piece of casting.

Nothing’s been said about the general plot, and various Amazon searches for the series bring multiple possibilities: a story about going back to 1986 New York and finding it in ruins, a tale of intergalactic war, or even a semi-mystery wherein the two heroes lose sight of their home and must navigate the universe.

The 40-year-old-plus series should allow Besson his pick of a suitable story — let’s really hope they don’t go cheap and just set most of it in an ’80s New York — making Valerian one of the more interesting creative propositions he’s had in some time. I won’t say I’m entirely confident in it just yet — but, if he and Jolie can get the material right, there might be a unique and entertaining sci-fi film in the making. And, come on, that’s all we should really ask for here.

Are you excited to hear their teaming is based on the comic series? Have you read it?

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