Some Scandinavians will take this news as though it’s a birthday gift; the rest of us, however, may not even know what to expect right off the bat. ScreenDaily reports that Lone Scherfig (An Education) has written an adaptation of  Hjalmar Söderberg‘s beloved period romance, The Serious Game, which will get the directing treatment from Swedish sensation Pernilla August — who, unfortunately, we probably best know for playing Shmi Skywalker in the first two Star Wars prequels. (She previously helmed 2010’s Beyond, which starred Noomi Rapace.) We can’t peg this one down ourselves, but, from the perspective of producer Patrik Andersson, it’s “a Scandinavian dream team.”

Although the novel, twice adapted for film, has a familiar arc — two people fall in love, separate, and have an affair later in life that ends poorly — the producers at B-Reel Feature Films are hoping to craft something that has more in common with the likes of Andrea Arnold and Jane Campion than a BBC or PBS production. (Watch this trailer for the former’s divisive Wuthering Heights, and you might have some idea as to what we can expect. Short answer: the unexpected.)

Being one who’s never immediately gravitated toward traditional costume dramas — barring the involvement of huge talent I already tend to follow — that unconventional approach is, to be blunt, exactly what I want to hear about this project in the first place. I can only anticipate that this mixture of writer and director will attract the proper onscreen talent by the time shooting begins next year.

Have you read the original novel, or seen August’s Beyond? Is this a project worth getting invested in?

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