It should come as no surprise that the 12-year-spanning Boyhood often marks time with cues from the era’s most-recognizable tunes. Although most of the early cuts are a real eye-roller — why, why, why would you ever open a film with Coldplay‘s “Yellow”? etc. — there’s an odd snowball effect at work: the closer and closer we came to our current day, the more evidently it became one of many means through which I found my relation to the onscreen action growing, its final, cut-to-black choice providing a real wallop.

Some changes (likely rights-motivated) have been made since the picture’s Sundance premiere — “Hey Ya!” and “Get Lucky,” we hardly knew thee — and, with the final cut now screening for critics, a full soundtrack is being prepped for release. As the official listing comes online, thanks to Film Music Reporter, we’ve assembled a streaming version that, much like Richard Linklater‘s singular achievement, will take you from one decade to the next — sonically, that is, and in less than an hour. (Not that we’re complaining about the film’s epic length.) Some are only heard in passing — “hey, Modern Times!” — some I can hardly remember, and some constitute the central character of an entire scene; regardless of their prominence, it’s a (mostly) strong assembly that should get you even more excited for one of the summer’s best films.

Stream the full selection (note the first track is Jeff Tweedy‘s unreleased “Summer Noon,” only available in the below format), then pre-order the album for yourself:

Boyhood opens on July 11th, three days after the soundtrack is released.

What’s your favorite selection off the soundtrack?

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