Liam Neeson‘s prowling for some jobs. One day after his name cropped up in conjunction with a new thriller, Non-Stop, Vulture reports that he and Olivia Wilde will have a little Next Three Days reunion with Paul Haggis on Third Person. (Three people from The Next Three Days will make Third Person.)

Here’s how the writer-director explained it:

“It’s about three story lines, three love stories, three relationships in three different cities that combine in a very odd way: New York, Paris, Rome.”

In a case of age-inappropriate casting, Neeson will be seen as the boyfriend to Wilde, who herself is a “party reporter.” (Oh, come on, that’s not a real job. Or maybe I’m just not hip enough to recognize its legitimacy.) The actor said a little more to TalkTalk, revealing that, “at the minute,” he think he’s playing a writer — along with the hint that he has “some serious love-making to do” with his co-star. (Onscreen.)

In terms of plot, this much came across:

“It’s about a writer trying to get over a tragic death that he emotionally tries to access through the characters he writes about. He imagines their reactions to this tragic death of a kid drowning in a swimming pool.”

Further casting or shooting dates are not up for grabs right now. And where does this put his political drama, Paris? IMDb does not have anything, nor is there any mention of it in the report; a shame. Canada needs their political system examined by the Crash guy.

What are your thoughts on Third Person, this early on?

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