I wasn’t expecting some of the first Cannes-related business to pertain to the director of 2009’s Last House on the Left — maybe Xavier Dolan would sell the movie he thinks should be in competition, or something — but here we are. According to THR, the (technically) aforementioned Dennis Iliadis has made a deal to helm the supernatural Plus One, which Sierra/Affinity and producer Tim Perell will hawk to the international crowd in just a week or so.

Written by Bill Gullo — and based on an idea from the helmer himself — Plus One, as the title may hint, revolves around “the party of the decade” (that was my italicization), and how everything spins out of control when unknown forces start terrorizing the hapless attendees. People will, more likely than not, perish.

And, well, that’s all we have to tell you. While it certainly isn’t a great well of information, enough runs around the old block with this idea can give us some idea of what may happen: There are the stock characters, a mystical force, unlikely heroes, expected cowards, gruesome deaths, and only a few survivors. If that’s the path they take — and, mind you, I just espoused a ton of speculation, so you’re guess means as much as mine — I wonder how a post-Cabin in the Woods world could allow that.

Have you any thoughts on Plus One?

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