Just yesterday, we brought you additional details on Lars von Trier‘s next film, The Nymphomaniac. Of all the new things we heard, what left me most surprised was learning that it charts “the erotic life of a woman from the age of zero to the age of 50,” as I assumed it would maybe start things off a little later in her life.

Speaking to EW, the filmmaker talked about how the movie a little more. One thing that came up was there being two versions of the movie released — one of which is apparently “hardcore” and show penetration, while the other is “softer,” lacking the presence of that fun element — and that will depend “a little bit on how it’s financed.” He justifies the existence of the explicit cut (not that he really needs to) by calling himself “a cultural radical” who “can’t make a film about the sexual evolution of a woman from zero to 50 without showing penetration.” As he put it, that’s “something very European.”

There seemed to be some reversal on his statement at Cannes, where he called the film porn. He’s now saying that the penetration “doesn’t mean it will be a porn film,” and “principally it is a film with a lot of sex in it and also a lot of philosophy.” The thing is, we also heard yesterday was that this is based around dialogue, and that leaves me fairly understanding of this news. This was also the same press conference where he made jokes about being a Nazi; it’s entirely possible that he was just having some fun when he said this. Porn or not, I’m still excited to see what he has in store for us, and I think that even his softer cut should really get a lot of people talking.

Are you looking forward to The Nymphomaniac? How do his comments shape your expectations for the film?

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