Lars von Trier‘s next film, Melancholia, is set to premiere at Cannes in just a couple of months, and if it’s anything like Antichrist, his last controversial film, it’ll make one of the biggest impacts on the festival. He’s just announced his next project, which also sounds like it could get a strong reaction from audiences worldwide. (Big surprise, right?)

With the not even remotely suggestive title of The Nymphomaniac, it’s described as being “a film about a woman’s erotic birth, a woman who discovers her eroticism.” Von Trier loves putting his female characters in (to put it lightly) unfortunate predicaments, and one could reasonably be led to believe that the same would happen here. The title came down to either the current choice or Dirt in Bedsores, which I get a chuckle from, knowing that there was a debate between the two.

Very little details have been revealed at this point, so I’ll just say that I look forward to seeing what he has planned this time around. While I’m not the biggest fan of his directorial output, I have a curiosity to see what he manages next. Whether this comes from an appreciation of his filmmaking or a morbid sense of curiosity isn’t something I’ve yet figured out. Regardless, this could really end up being something special…or disturbing to an incredible degree. Or both.

What do you think of von Trier’s description of the film, and it’s title? Would you want to see him do material like this?

Sources: ScreenDaily, IonCinema

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