Variety reports that Writers, a drama which set Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly in the lead roles back in January, has staked out the rest of its primary cast — and, to the surprise of yours truly, it’s actually pretty solid. In no particular order, Kristen Bell, Lily Collins, Logan Lerman, Nat Wolff, Liana Liberato, Rusty Joiner, and Patrick Schwarzenegger (his dad is famous) are throwing their acting hats into the ring for writer-director Josh Boone. Stephen King is making a cameo, too, hopefully to recite one of those Entertainment Weekly articles about how he hates cycling through channels on his TV.

Telling “the stories of family members and their love interests over the course of one tumultuous year,” Kinnear will star as “a famous novelist obsessed with his ex-wife (Connelly),” while Collins will play “their collegiate daughter who’s pursued by a fellow writing student (Lerman)”; Wolff will appear as the son of the family, who’s fond of a character played by Liberato. Bell, meanwhile, will be seen as “Kinnear‘s friend with benefits who tries to help him get over his ex-wife.” Schwarzenegger will be treated very well on the set when production begins next week.

I don’t think I’m being all too contrarian or incendiary when I say that Writers’ cast is none too bad. And there’s Stephen King! It’ll be nice to see him in acting role outside of Creepshow. It should be fun to see these actors bounce off one another, especially with a nice script at their disposal; that department’s still pending confirmation.

Has your interest in Writers gone up with this casting announcement?

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