Few actresses have maintained the same level of allure and admiration as Grace Kelly up to this day. Thanks in part to her work in films from the likes of John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock, she was the quintessential image of old Hollywood – a true beauty who could actually give a performance.

Knowing this, it’s hardly surprising that someone has decided to give her own story the film treatment. As THR tells us, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam‘s Stone Angel has picked up Grace of Monaco, Arash Amel‘s spec script that “sets Kelly’s personal story amid the politics of the time, in the vein of The King’s Speech.” Pogam will produce and finance the project, which is said to already be attracting filmmakers; I’d expect the same to be true of actresses, many of whom will jump at the opportunity to embody a legend.

As the above description would indicate, this isn’t a birth-to-death type of biopic. Instead, the story will follow Grace during her time as the Princess of Monaco, a title she attained by (how else?) marrying Prince Rainer of Monaco. The picture follows “a six month period in 1962 when the city-state got into a heated dispute with France, which grew tired of the petite principality being a tax haven”; the actress got involved when she “maneuvered behind the scenes to save Monaco from a coup.” While I can certainly see room for clichés, it’s something I never knew about, either. That’s better than your typical “rising star” tale.

Comparisons to last year’s Best Picture winner, meanwhile, relate to the tone and scope. So, I’m hoping for that film’s atmosphere and humor to be transplanted to this tale, but some of the Oscar-baiting elements would best be left out – even though they’ll certainly be kept in. (I’m also thinking that My Week with Marilyn played some kind of role in getting this pushed forward, although I might be over-thinking it there.)

Regardless, I’d be interested in seeing both how this tale plays out and what actress will take up the somewhat daunting task of portraying one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. I would say that Naomi Watts is a shoo-in, but she has Andrew Dominik‘s Marilyn Monroe film still waiting to go ahead. But what’s so bad about playing two icons, anyway?

Would you be interested in a Grace Kelly film? Who should play her?

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