Back in February, we reported on a documentary about Bob Marley that Kevin Macdonald — of State of Play, Touching the Void, and Last King of Scotland fame — would be directing, simply titled Marley. Speaking to US Weekly (via IndieWIRE), son Ziggy Marley confirmed that things are still moving forward with it, and that it will be out in the fall, as was previously announced. His quote on it can be read below:

“We are working on his documentary, which should be out in the fall. I am producing the documentary and Kevin Macdonald will direct it. People are going to have not only the connection that you have now with the Bob Marley legend, but it will also show the emotional side of our father. The emotion of Bob throughout his life experiences is a pretty pertinent thing. It is not just about his music.”

This project has had a rather lengthy development process, as it was originally set to be helmed by Martin Scorsese, before Jonathan Demme took it over. It eventually ended up in Macdonald‘s hands, and now it’s getting primed for a release. There’s a lot of material that they have to work with — both in terms of his music and personal life — and he has a wide fanbase, so I imagine there are some high expectations out there when it comes to this. As someone who’s a Marley neophyte, I don’t anticipate this from the perspective of a fan, but rather someone who enjoys a good doc when it comes along; at the end of the day, that’s what I hope this ends up being.

Meanwhile, another movie about a legendary musician is also moving along, although this happens to be a narrative feature. This, a movie about the life of Jimi Hendrix that would star OutKast frontman Andre Benjamin (also known as Andre 3000), is different than a project that had Paul Greengrass and Anthony Mackie attached, which fell apart when the musician’s estate didn’t approve of the project. Benjamin has had another one going for a while, and now Hayley Atwell has said that it is in fact moving forward with him attached.

Talking to Esquire (via ThePlaylist), the actress said that the movie is “possibly” next, saying that it was an “independent film with Andre 3000 from OutKast playing Jimi Hendrix.” She’s not entirely sure if she’ll be doing it, and didn’t mention who she might play, but the actor’s involvement wasn’t mentioned in a doubtful fashion. He’s an interesting pick for the role — while I think he has the “look” of the man down, he hasn’t done too much acting in the past to prove that he’s a capable choice. I remember liking him in Four Brothers, as well as him being one of the few good things about Revolver, but Hendrix is a big role for someone to play; he’s an absolute icon of both his time and rock music in general. But when it comes to a movie about the musician? I definitely know I would be interested in seeing that come to fruition.

Do you want to see the Bob Marley documentary? How do you feel about Andre Benjamin playing Jimi Hendrix?

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