Forget The Expendables; Last Vegas is the elderly cast I want to see engaging onscreen. Not a hard choice, after all, when the meatheaded bodybuilders have to go up against Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, and — as Deadline now lets us know — Kevin Kline, the (now) final member of this older quartet. (Physically, it’d be no match, but in terms of pure talent and onscreen chemistry? Come on.)

Jon Turteltaub is directing the Dan Fogelman-penned comedy, wherein “four best friends in their late 60s who decide to escape retirement and throw a Las Vegas bachelor party for the only one of them (Douglas) who remains single.” During this excursion, the bachelor of the hour and De Niro‘s character find themselves in love with the same woman; let’s only pray she’s actually somewhere in their age range.

Kline will certainly bring the funny to Last Vegas — when is he ever a flat comedic performer? — yet the question remains: will this project will actually be worth the sort of time he’s kept to himself more and more these past few years? I would say “if it can get him to sign on in the first place…,” but that would also be to forget Darling Companion. With production starting in the fall, we’ll know soon enough.

Is it nice to see Kline take another high-profile role?

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