It’s been a big couple of months for Kevin Hart. A pretty basic increase in public awareness — I suppose I’m “guilty’ of only becoming familiar with his comedy as of late — and the huge success of Think Like a Man would be enough for most, but, in our own interests, a few movie roles have even fallen into place. (It’s too bad that one of them is Valet Guys.)

THR now inform us that Hart will co-star in About Last Night, a Screen Gems-backed remake of the 1986 comedy starring Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, and Jim Belushi. Edward Zwick directed that film, itself an adaptation of David Mamet‘s play, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, the story of a man and woman who decide to take their one night stand and turn it into a real relationship.

The key term up there, in relation to Hart, is “co-star,” since he’ll be filling shoes once occupied by Belushi — or, the supporting part of “best friend” — while the primary stars and a director still need to be found; in the meantime, Leslye Headland (FX’s acclaimed, cancelled Terriers) will pen the screenplay. It could still prove to be a nice role for this guy to nab, especially if they can get some big names in the lead, fashion a legitimate hit, and also, of course, make a decent movie. If so, Hart‘s co-starring days may be numbered.

Some smaller, grittier developments have arrived from Variety, who have learned that Dermot Mulroney will star with Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives, Dallas) in an “indie psychological actioner” (you don’t hear that combination all too often) going by the name of Swelter. Writer-director Keith Parmer has concocted the picture, wherein four convicts escape from prison and enter a small California town — a place “where the heat is unbearable and everyone knows each other’s business” — in hopes of finding their missing, $10 million-equipped partner.

Don’t ask me how that could pan out — Mulroney, all due respect, doesn’t always pick projects I like — but, right now, Swelter sounds like it has the makings of a moderately entertaining mystery. It’d be nice if the thing can vault past those lofty expectations.

Is Hart a good pick for the About Last Night remake? How does Swelter sound?

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