Just over a week after names started flying around willy-nilly, THR have learned that, so long as negotiations don’t collapse, Keira Knightley will take the female lead in Kenneth Branagh‘s Jack Ryan reboot. (No, still zero word on a title.) Evangeline Lilly and Felicity Jones will just have to wait for another shot at their own franchise role.

In the meantime, however, it’s expected that Knightley will be coming aboard as Dr. Caroline Ryan, wife to Chris Pine‘s titular action hero. (That name and “Dr.” title is placed whilst under the assumption they’ll be using the character created by Tom Clancy.) Should this gestating project pull in some good money upon its release, we can expect to see her in this slot throughout an entire trilogy — but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

And while I’m sure the Caroline role will only grow over the course of this potential franchise, it’s possible that, this time out, her character will be something of a damsel in distress. As we had heard upon Branagh casting himself as the primary antagonist, THR says the action-thriller will follow Jack Ryan as he tries to stop his company from staging a terrorist attack that will destroy America’s economic system; during all this, his wife must be rescued.

We’ll see how that all comes together in the final result, though I can only expect Branagh and company didn’t cast an interesting, luminous sort without planning to give her good work. Taking into account my hopes for her participation, it’s only necessary to cross a couple of fingers.

Production will begin next month.

What are your thoughts on Knightley carving out a spot in this franchise?

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