We don’t cover politics here at The Film Stage, since we’re, you know, The Film Stage — but it’s worth pointing out that the upcoming presidential election may be having an effect on Hollywood films with some sort of political undertones to them. Most notable is Steven Spielberg purposely setting his upcoming Lincoln for some time after next year’s election because he “didn’t want it to become political fodder.”

It looks like this same tactic will be applied to Kathryn Bigelow‘s currently-untitled bin Laden movie, which Variety says is being moved from its original date of October 12th, 2012 to an unknown spot. One given explanation for the shift is Kevin JamesHere Comes the Boom (I guess that’s a movie) already being moved to that day, which would lead to the studio opening two films on the same date. Personally, that sounds a little fishy.

After all, Boom was set to make its premiere next summer; it showing up then and Bigelow‘s film arriving in theaters come autumn is a much more reasonable plan, simply based on their targeted audiences and basic purposes. Heck, the studio even planned a release that’s in line with how they opened The Social Network. If there’s any reason for this move, it almost has to be political; the project has already come under fire from Republicans for what some perceive as a Liberal slant, and this is only bound to continue up to and past its arrival in theaters.

If this were to hit… let’s say, around Thanksgiving (when the election is over), there should be less controversy. I’m not banking on this moving much further past that, either. Sony has recent Best Original Screenplay (Mark Boal) and Best Director winners — who, the last time they collaborated, attained Best Picture — along with a rising star and an exciting subject in their rotation. That’s not an opportunity you let go to waste.

Why do you think this change has been made? Any idea as to when it might open?

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