In what’s sure to be one of the better onscreen duos of the next few years, Variety reports that Juliette Binoche and Edgar Ramirez will lead Marion Laine‘s A Monkey on my Shoulder. The romantic drama, written by the fairly new feature director and Anne Le Ny, centers on two surgeons in southern France “whose passionate relationship is turned upside down by an unexpected pregnancy.”

K2’s Nathanael Karmitz, who’s serving as a co-producer, called it “a melodrama dealing with universal themes,” and noted that being set in the medical world “brings a extra layer to the film that should lure international audiences.” He and I are on the same page when it comes to anticipating the pairing of these two actors. After all, Binoche has proven herself as an enormous talent over decades of collaboration with names that include Godard, Haneke, and Kiarostami, while Ramirez gave one of last year’s best performances in Carlos. (The fact that he couldn’t be nominated for an Oscar because of some absurd technicality is a joke.)

Meanwhile, those of you concerned about the somewhat sitcom-y name should know that it’s only a working title; something like that doesn’t affect how the actual film ends up, but a change would be kind of nice. All the same, though, things are looking pretty good for the project right now. The only worry is a somewhat new and unproven director at the helm, but having these two as your leads should make things just a little easier. Filming begins this month, so we could very easily see this hit theaters late next year.

Are you interested in Monkey solely based on its cast, or do you need to know more?

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