Taking into account the comparisons made between Paradise Lost and The Last King of Scotland, it would seem Josh Hutcherson is the former film’s own James McAvoy. A bit hard-to-grasp if you don’t know what the film is about (we’ll get to that in just one second), but Deadline report that the Hunger Games star is locking himself into this semi-factual drama centered on a young American man’s encounters with legendary drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, to be played here with charm and aggression by Benicio Del Toro. As he happens to play just about everything.

Life of Pi scribe Andrea di Stefano is behind the pen and camera of Paradise Lost, his romantic thriller following a (now-revealed-to-be-Irish) surfer, Nick, who falls in love with a girl, Maria, whilst visiting his brother in Columbia. Problem is, she’s got some interesting familial ties, as the woman’s uncle is Escobar himself — and this can’t be outstanding news for Nick to learn. (Especially when producer Dimitri Rassam said the two share a “destructive relationship.”) My guess is Hutcherson fans will want to bring a hankie to this one.

But, still, be happy: it’s a chance for the guy to really prove some acting chops — something I don’t think The Hunger Games and Detention, two movies I kind of liked, necessarily facilitated — and, knowing what we know, I think Paradise Lost could be good in its own right, too. If seeing Benicio del Toro as a violent psychotic isn’t enough to sell a viewer right off the bat, we’re clearly on different wavelengths.

Paradise Lost will commence shooting this March.

What do you think of Hutcherson facing off against del Toro in the film?

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